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About WebPipl

Hiring the right talent presents a unique set of challenges. Hiring techniques have evolved over the past couple of decades however, companies across the globe continue to face difficulties in finding the right resource for the job.

WebPipl has developed a community hiring platform that leverages the power of AI and, more importantly, the network of a recruiter to provide companies with access to quality resumes in a snap.

Our community centralizes the data of recruiters, vendors, and jobseekers in one place. Seamless integration, all within a single unified interface.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to transform the global hiring landscape by creating a future where every organization and jobseeker can access the best and most suitable opportunities with ease. We strive to build a trusted, state-of-the-art recruiting platform that utilizes a comprehensive digital ecosystem to eliminate hiring inefficiencies and empower recruiters and jobseekers to make ideal choices. Our platform leverages the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology to deliver unmatched accuracy, speed, and personalization to the hiring process. Our goal is to enable organizations to build high-performing teams and jobseekers to find meaningful, fulfilling work that aligns with their skills, interests, and values.”

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Our Products



You never have to worry about hiring forged profiles anymore. Hire only those verified professionals with iVerified. Build a secure, safe, workplace with iVerified.

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Talent Assessment


iAssess is our skills assessment platform that helps corporates take care of the initial assessments and ensure only quality professionals reach the next levels.

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myATS enables recruiters to follow a stress-free process as it integrates thousands of recruiters, jobseekers, and vendors all within single unified platform

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In today’s fast-paced technological world, finding a solution provider is critical. iConsult connects you One-O-One with experts to quickly resolve technical questions.

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Recruitment Automation

Looking to optimize your hiring process and improve efficiency? Then, WebPipl’s myATS is the perfect solution for you. Its cutting-edge AI and NLP features help increase recruiter productivity, accelerate time-to-fill, reduce cost-per-hire and improve the overall talent profile of the organization.

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Recruiting is often challenging. WebPipl’s RaaS is a service that offers you, high-quality recruiters on the go. You can hire a recruiter for short or long-term engagements. Our recruiters will help you accelerate your onboarding process by offering you high-quality candidates using their internal network of sourcing professionals.

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We have over 1000+ deep-tech interview panels that help you identify and assess the right talents. If you are looking for top-quality candidates, iVerified is the solution for you. Our AI-based IaaS cloud platform provides corporates with verified talents. No longer bogus profiles will be hired. iVerified takes care of it.

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Recruitment Marketing

“Recruitment is marketing”. If you are a recruiter and don’t foresee the importance of marketing, maybe you need to think again. Our platform offers you tools to engage and entice job candidates in every phase of recruiting. You can create a more personal experience for your employees, allowing them to engage with the company at various levels.

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Hiring doesn’t happen easily. We make it happen so!

Hiring the right people takes time. It is not just matching a skillset to Job requisition. But, take it easy!
We offer support and guidance at every step of the way.

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Tejaswi Gummadi

Technical Recruiter

Recruiters Life Made Easy

With WebPipl, signing in and posting a résumé are both very easy processes. WebPipl helps us to enhance our income. It allows us to create reports on interviews, submissions, and so on, which is really useful. Post the profiles on WebPipl to boost your chances of closure.

Pooja B.R


The best of job portal

WebPipl is a very useful platform for Recruiters, Jobseekers, Vendors. WebPipl simplifies the process of job search and quick access of the database.

Naveen Dharna

Store Owner

Freelance Recruiters Paradise

WebPipl is an extremely beneficial platform for freelancers where we can upload resumes and submit them for various positions. WebPipl assists applicants in obtaining additional possibilities.
The AI technology simplifies our job and saves time by eliminating manual screening and duplication. WebPipl has integrated smart interviews within the platform which makes our job very easy.

Simran Fathima


WebPipl makes my day to day work life easier

WebPipl makes my day to day work life easier as it is easy and simple to use and this platform helps me to track my candidate also.

Goutham Kanakala


Higher Closures, Faster Updates

Since we have access to more requirements because of the platform, recruiters like me have been able to achieve higher closures. I get timely updates from the company’s internal team and the communication is seamless. There is no room for duplicacy on the platform.

Roshini Bandavaram


Easy Job Matching

I found the platform user friendly. It is very easy to upload resumes by putting basic information like skills, experience, salary, location. The AI job matching feature allows me to explore multiple opportunities for my candidates.